In accordance with the guidance for places of worship, our children’s programs are operating according to the Guidance for Day Camp document. It is important to understand that physical distancing and hygiene cannot always be maintained with preschool and elementary children, and children cannot wear masks safely. There is an increased risk of transmission in these environments. Additional health screening, including temperature checks, will be performed before children are accepted into programs. The public health measures are not meant to guarantee safety. They are intended to reduce the risk of transmission through enhanced screening and to contain any exposure by limiting group size.

What are the major programming changes?
  • Nursery (0-2), Toddler (2-3), and Pre-school (3-5) programming will not be provided.
  • When Elementary (Grades 1-6) programs operate, the group size will be limited to groups of 50 and no interaction between the groups.
  • Children will be screened for temperature and registered in the lobby. They will be guided to their program during the service. 
  • Activities and teaching activities will not involve or encourage touching, crowding or shared supplies or equipment.
  • Additional personal space will be provided for children, such as fewer chairs per table and increased spacing.
  • Songs will be led by video and will be done with actions only. Kids will not be asked to sing.
  • All staff and volunteers will be wearing masks.
  • Furniture, frequently touched surfaces, washrooms, toys, and supplies will be disinfected between each service.

Can my child wear a mask? 
Elementary children may wear a mask but are not required to. As masks present a choking hazard to preschool children, they are not allowed to wear masks.

Where do I register my children? 
After you enter the building and have your pre-registration checked, you will be directed to the foyer children’s registration kiosk. Volunteers will complete the screening process and give your child(ren) their name tags. Due to the enhanced screening, self serve stations will not be operating.

After I register, where will I drop off my child? 
Please have your children sit with you in the sanctuary until our team member(s) are ready to  lead them to the lower level room(s).

After the service, where do I collect my child(ren)?
We will be practicing a one-way traffic flow to prevent crowding. You will be directed where to collect your child(ren) when you check in onsite. To prevent crowding, we ask that only one parent collect child(ren), and families plan to meet after the service at their vehicle.

My child is close to or has household contact with someone who it at high risk of COVID complications. Should my child attend? 
We would recommend you do not register your child for our programs at this time.