Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The last words that Jesus gave His disciples was essentially one word – GO! That is and has always been the heartbeat of God. God sent His son – Jesus sent the Holy Spirit – He sends us – to a world that needs to hear the good news that there is purpose and hope in this world and the next.
Gospel Centre takes missions seriously. At present, we are supporting five global workers out of Canada in four different countries, as well as two ministries within Edmonton. A healthy percentage of our income leaves our church to minister in various places around the globe.
Take a moment to meet the global workers on this page. Get to know what they do and where they do it. Pray that God will protect and provide for them.

And give what you can financially. You can give through the link below.

Meet our active global workers.

Alexey  & Tonia Pankov


Tonia partners with her husband, Alexey, in church planting based out of the Altai province near Siberia. They have founded a church in Gorno-Altaysk, which has also started house churches in neighboring villages and begun work on a new rehab centre.

  • Their adopted teenage children as they pursue their faith
  • For new leaders, growth of the church, and house churches
  •  God’s direction and provision for a rehab center in Altai
  • Strength, vision, courage, and protection

Brian & Valerie Rutten


After decades of pioneering work among Muslims in Northern Africa and overseeing ERDO Child Relief, Brian and Val have pivoted their leadership into overseeing the missions program at Vanguard College, while still giving leadership to their work out of Ethiopia.

  • The base facility in Ethiopia that disciples converts and leaders
  • Strength, health, and protection
  • Missions students of Vanguard College

Gary & Kathy Heinrichs


Since arriving in Costa Rica on Dec. 31, 2015, Gary and Kathy have worked to reach the marginalized through local Costa Rican churches and to train, equip and encourage pastors and leaders.  They have also added indigenous people groups to their ministry, where many are open to the gospel message. Gary and Kathy have hosted several STM teams, and continue to dialogue with others interested in coming to Costa Rica.

  • Their children and grand children in Alberta
  • For wisdom in ministry within Costa Rica
  • For open hearts to receive the salvation message within the indigenous tribes and national leaders
  • Funding for special projects, and wisdom in implementing them wisely

Jeremy & Teresa Feller


Jeremy and Teresa are based out of Addis Ababa with their three children, Timothy, Bethany and Zoe (left to right). Jeremy oversees the Africa region for PAOC Missions. As he travels through the region to coach global workers, steady inroads are also being made for the revival of Muslim populations in Northern Africa.

  • For courage, wisdom and protection
  • Converts and leaders to build inroads to the north
  • Timothy, Bethany and Zoe, as they grow up in Addis Ababa

Elmer & Sherry Komant


Elmer and Sherry have a rich legacy of establishing churches in Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda and now Burundi. Their current focus is expanding CLM Burundi into church plants around the capitol and overseeing Wezesha, a micro-loan program for African women. The Komants continue to serve with full diligence, always seeking to empower the next generation.

  • For leadership, peace, stability, and economic renewal in the nation
  • For land and finances for the branch churches Gitega, and the Skills Training Centre
  • For the successful nationalization of CLM
  • For the unity of the body of Christ in this country

Miranda Doroshuk


Miranda will be working alongside Youth with a Mission to develop a new ministry in Sendai, Japan. Besides reaching people locally, their goal is to develop into a missions centre that will run Bible and discipleship schools, building up leaders to be released into ministry throughout the Tohoku region.


  • That Japan's borders would open so she can get there
  • Creative and effective ideas to reach people
  • God's guidance in the pioneering and growth of the ministry
  • The ability to pick up the Japanese language quickly