Meet our global workers from around the world.

Gospel Centre takes missions seriously.  At present, we are supporting six PAOC Mission Global workers out of Canada as well as local ministries within Edmonton. Our budget for these workers is $50,000, but over and above, we also raise support for special projects. Last year, more than 20% of all finances given to Gospel Centre was sent across Alberta and around the world! Take a moment to meet the global workers on this page.

Brian & Val Rutten


Since the 1980s, the Ruttens have served in Africa, first in Zambia, then onto Ethiopia, where a national multiplication of churches is now taking place. They also partner with ERDO, the PAOC relief arm, as Val administers Child Care Plus in Ethiopia.  Presently, Brian and Val also serve on faculty at Vanguard College as Missions Program Directors.

Divine appointments and conversions to Christ
Lay leadership of the multiplication movement
Blessing on Vanguard mission students
Health, strength, wisdom, courage, and protection

Jeremy & Teresa Feller


Jeremy and Teresa went to serve Ethiopia in 2003. Since then, they have been instrumental in releasing church planters, discipling young leaders, Bible college ministry, and Addis Christian Life Assembly.  Over those years, their family has also grown. Jeremy currently serves as Regional Director for Mission Global for the continent of Africa.

New workers to serve in apostolic initiatives
Divine appointments and conversions to Christ
Converts and leaders to build inroads to the north
Health, strength, wisdom, courage, and protection

Gary & Kathy Heinrichs


After pastoring in western Canada, Gary and Kathy began a new chapter in 2015, mentoring other pastors in Costa Rica. They live in Hone Creek, Limon, where they  support, equip and encourage rural leaders. The Heinrichs also host short term teams from Canada and enjoy collaborating with anyone willing to partner in special projects.

New partnerships to further spread the Gospel
Leadership of local churches in the jungle
Blessing on family and children back in Alberta
Health, strength, wisdom, courage, and protection

Miranda Alleyne


Miranda came to Gospel Centre in 2011. She was raised in a pastors home and witnessed her grandparents serve as missionaries.  Out of this heritage, we are proud to send her out as a Mission Global worker to Japan to partner with YWAM to develop new ministries in Sendai, create a space for discipleship and impact the region for Christ.

An open door into Japan and wherever she goes
Development of a missions centre
People of the Tohoku region to experience Jesus
Health, strength, wisdom, courage, and protection



Adeara is an accredited long-term addiction recovery centre for women and their children, located in Alberta. Formerly known as the Edmonton Dream Centre, we’ve been fearlessly providing faith-based hope, healing and restoration to women in need since 1998.

Resurgence Initiatives


Resurgence Initiatives is a movement based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that has a mandate to reach people, revive churches, and release leaders.

Erdo (Emergency Relief & Development Overseas)

PAOC Global Charity

ERDO works with communities all over the world, listening and passionately responding to their practical needs, like food and clean water. They partner with global and local churches to give families the skills and resources to break out of poverty. They empower children and their families through education, giving them hope for a brighter future.

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