TECH TEAM |  Application

If you’re reading this, you’re  interested in discovering more about Worship Teams (WT) of Gospel Centre.
The chief purpose of WT is to prepare an atmosphere for the presence of God, with some of our goals as a ministry being
Holy Spirit directed, balanced in style, Biblically based in song, joyful in expression, prophetic in operation, and excellent in preparation.

This application is for those interested in serving as a Media, Video or Sound Technician.  There are 3 steps to the application process:
1 | Complete this form
2 | Personal follow up from the Worship Pastor
3 | A "shadow weekend" where you watch a current Tech serve during the service*

*Based, both on your interest and skills, the pastor will recommend you for training in the tech role best suited for you.  We reserve the right to suggest a different area of ministry, Tech aside, if not enough qualifications are met because we believe in the best experience for you, in healthy worship teams and in a healthy church. Our chief purpose is to glorify God by preparing an atmosphere for His presence.